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Bee, Be Careful!

While making honey along with other products related to it and preparing lectures in her laboratory, Eva the Bee notices something is bothering her. She is not aware of what it is. Only when she turns on the TV, she sees that a scary mobile is in her forest and wants to build even more posts.

“The radiation coming from phones has an effect on the navigation of the bees, it stops them from finding their beehives. Lost bees quickly die alone, far away from their home…

Due to a disappearance of great number of bees in Croatia, a decline in fruit and vegetable crop can be registered; they are no longer being nurtured by bee pollination...Because of the small number of bees, rapeseed yield, strawberries and legumes, grapes, raspberry, apples, and pears are starting to decline.”

The costume play “Bee, be careful!” is accompained by a huge amount of author songs to which children partake in and help our Bee Eva win over the mean phone. With Eva the Bee are; Neven the Bear, Jack the Phone, Kresimir the Speaker, and a swarm of her family, the bees.

Play about bees is created with the expert help of the Croatian Institute for Agricultural Service Advisory from Zagreb and University of Agriculture.

If bees disappear, humanity is in grave danger. Only 4 years of life are left. Bees are hard workers who help us put fresh fruits and vegetables, full of vitamins, onto our tables everyday.


BunnyMan is an acting puppet show. It’s an instructive story, dramatizing Rumis’ fable about a little bunny who used his cunnings to outsmart the Great Lion. But, was it all that simple for Bunny, with the help of his friends, to bring order, peace and quiet into his forest? Let’s dive into the magical forest together and become part of this fable; let the leaves rustle, the animals sing, and the friendship shine.

The play also includes a special playtime with the dolls at the end.

The dolls were created in Tehran, Iran. Their puppeteer Faezeh Fayz, created them. The play was created with the cooperation of the Iranian culture center in Zagreb


Our little Frog is getting ready to to sleep, but she can’t fall asleep unless her mother doesn’t sing her a good night lullaby. The little Frog is sad: where is mommy?

Froggy is going out into the world in search of her mother. She encounters many different characters: the Spanish hedgehog, the English worm, and the Dutch skunk. The play gives children the opportunity to meet different customs and characteristics of various cultures together with alternate music that is also being a big part of the play “Who stole my lullaby?”

The main goal of the play is emphasizing basic human values such as honesty, respect, and friendship, as well as an indirect but recognizable goal , that family comes first. Every child needs a mother in order to develop and progress. This way children will learn how to respect their own family and help those in need.

Will Froggy, with the help of her friends and interaction with children, find her mother? Find out yourself.

The project “Who stole my lullaby?” has been recognized by the European Union and the Ministry of Culture in the Republic of Croatia that helped in its creation and warmly recommends the play. .

The play “Who stole my lullaby?” has been premiered in more than 10 European cities.


Teatar Don Hihot in cooperation with the Croatian society of Children and Youth writers (Club of First Writers) presents A DOZEN LIKES and encourages the reading of books.  . .

The main actor is tiny mouse Kiro, who, after traveling the world using magic from the library, enters stories and meets their heroes. But, our playful Kiro, while getting to know the characters, also helps them to follow the right path. One of the heroes, I Will Tomica, postpones everything with his famous saying “I Will”! With the help of Kiro, he realizes that things must not be postponed but should be completed as soon as possible. In this way I Will Tomica, who doesn’t know numbers, sails into the world of numbers with the help of a game and learns them. 
A theme palette is followed throughout the play: friendship, school, and love.
The whole story is accompanied with another story:Love between Miš and Mišica
The play offers fun and education at the same time
Besides a good story,the whole story is accompanied with songs from Sonja Zubović,in arrangement Branimir Mihaljević

The main goal of play Dozen likes is to promote books that children like to read

Play DESETKA LAJK originated with the support of Ministry of culture, also thanks to POU Ivanić-Grad, Zagreb,city Ivanić-Grad and TZ Ivanić-Grad

Duration: 35-40 minutes
Age: 4-10 years


Do you close the windows when the heating is on?

Do you separate glass bottles from the plastic ones?

Do you turn off the lights each time you leave the room?

The interactive and educative show “Inspector on Assignment” takes us through a series of everyday situations teaching us where and when we can save energy. Inspector Janko got the assignment, but, will he be able to solve it till the end? On his way, he will encounter a few characters; Little Girl and Housewife. However, he will also encounter the Housekeep, who will make it difficult for him to bring his assignment to an end.

“Inspector on Assignment” isn’t just an ordinary play. It is special one because in a very simple, but lively manner, it shows children how they can save energy. It is especially interesting because at the end the children themselves can partake in the show as to awaken the importance of saving energy and recycling.

The show is filled with by classical music, and at one point a puppet joins in. This makes the show even more complex and adaptive to its intended audience: children who can recognize themselves within every scene and help the Inspector understand why it is good to save energy.

It is a play within the EU projects. Its quality was recognized by the City of Zagreb, the Public Procurement Office and CeKa Te. Euronet 50/50 MAX is a European project which takes place in a dozen countries in Europe and shows how children themselves can help with saving energy, water, gas, and electricity.

Water, electricity, gas, join our team!


Everything smells of Christmas cookies, delicious cooking, and cinnamon. Have you ever asked yourselves who bakes these delicious treats every year? Mrs. Santa Claus, yes, exactly, her. Mrs. Santa Claus cooks and cleans while Santa Claus delivers presents to children all over the world. But no, this year Mrs. Santa Claus has had enough. She deserves to have some fun and get to know the world. With the help of her friendly neighbour Štef and one big puppet, Mrs. Santa Claus decides to travel the whole world

Through the interaction with children, Mrs. Santa Claus and neighbour Štef visit: France, Italy, America, Japan, Australia, and Russia. The whole play follows the famous Christmas and New Years’ songs specific to these countries. After a fun time travelling the world, happy Mrs. Santa Claus returns to warm hug of Santa Claus.

The surprise at the end of the play: the real Santa Claus shows up on stage and we all dance together!

The goal of the show is to bring some holiday cheer to the children in the time of giving and teach them about friendship, love, and the warmth of home.

NEW: a play for children “SANTA WITHOUT ORDER”

In Santa Claus’ warm home, everything is ready for him to deliver presents. But, when his friendly Neighbour Fairy Brankica pays a visit, she realizes that Santa Claus is in a total chaos. With the help of the children in the audience, Santa Claus will, step by step, get ready for his trip around the world. This is how Santa Claus will realize that friendly Neighbour Fairy Brankica played a big role in his life and how important it is to have friends who will always be ready to help.
The play “Santa Without Order” is in some parts a “real” circus attraction. Namely, Santa Claus thinks he is a professional circus performer and clown, so he demonstrates his skills. The children and Fairy help him come back to what he does best, being a Santa. To add on, our Santa Claus plays live guitar, so this Christmas will be truly magical. And of course it will be done so with the help of many happy circus performers, Christmas music, and dancing.
As of this morning, something was broken in Santas’ head

Making problem after problem

Since the morning he has been making merry malfunctions

and has been wrapping childrens' presents upside down, And he doesn’t understand that that's not ok

And when his head hits the beam again,

He finds himself on the floor, in a mess.

I am going to crazy with you by the end of the show

Says Fairy Brankica to him, and children, she’s not lying!

Look at this story where gifts are upside down and there are merry failures,

Where upside down is up, and upright down,

So stay with us, dear children, of good will

They love you a lot,

Friendly neighbour Fairy Brankica Tankica

and Santa Claus Zbunjolac,

A little confused, like an old chair

Duration: 35 min and socializing with Santa
Age: 3-10 years old

Text and director: Lana Bitenc

Actors: Matija major, Lana Bitenc

Costume and set designer: Martina Nemet